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Branding | Visual identity


Nelcarnes, a prominent player in the animal breeding and direct meat sales sector, sought a transformative redesign of its visual identity. Renowned for their specialized expertise, commitment to quality, and the embodiment of the gastronomic artistry of grilling or cooking meat, Nelcarnes had carved a niche as recognized experts in the Benedita, Alcobaça, Nazaré, and Leiria regions. The challenge was clear: craft a visual identity that not only mirrored the acknowledged quality of their service chain but also served as a beacon, guiding consumers towards their superior-quality meat products.


Aligning with the market, target audience, and objectives, we proposed a solution that manifested itself as a distinctive trust seal, bearing the letter “N” at its core. Complemented by two primary colors, black – universally associated with high-value products – and gold, symbolizing leadership and “first quality,” the visual identity stood out. A touch of red, representative of meat and reflective of Nelcarnes’ passion and dedication to service, was also incorporated. The proposal aimed not just for recognition but for an emotional connection with consumers seeking top-tier meat products.


The revamped visual identity achieved immediate and unmistakable recognition among both existing and potential customers. The symbol, centered around the trust seal, became synonymous with reliability and superior distinction in Nelcarnes’ products. The refined color palette resonated, subtly communicating the brand’s commitment to quality, passion, and leadership in the industry. The rebranding project successfully transformed Nelcarnes into a symbol of excellence, capturing the essence of their unparalleled meat offerings.

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